Thank you all!

Ends of the Emakumeen Bira 2019, it ‘s time to thank all the agents that make this race possible, possibly the most spectacular in recent years.

Thanks to all the sponsors, who are always needed in a career of so much packaging. Thanks to human personnel who have mounted during the four days (five with the previous day) all the infrastructure and services do go on outings and goals. Thanks also to the rest of the necessary agents: to the Ertzaintza de Tráfico, to take care of the road safety of the cyclists , who are the true protagonists; thanks to the Technical Jury for facilitating the work of the organization as much as possible ; to the liaison riders for managing all the crossings and incorporations in situations of tension and nervousness; and the volunteerism of all the municipalities for showing their desire to help in everything without expecting anything in return.

Finally, I would also like to thank the fans for always supporting cycling in Euskadi; for never turning away; it is a small or big test; with a humble or great organization. Eskerrik asko!

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