The modifications of the first stage and the official guide are now available

We, hereby, present you the changes that have been made to the first stage of the Emakumeen Bira with departure and arrival in Iurreta. The race will start from this Basque town and will head towards Elorrio through Abadiño instead of heading towards Amorebieta. The Intermediate Sprint of Elorrio remains but it will now be on the 10th km of the route. Due to the modifications to this stage, the first Bonus Sprint will be located at the peak of Miota (13 km) before descending to Berriz and continuing as planned to the town of Larrabetzu.

In Derio there will be a second important change. The race will continue its course through the Txorierri region to start the climb of Artebakarra (51.4 – 54.8 km) from the urban center of Derio and not from the Technology Park. The third relevant change will happen in Mungia. The race will be diverted to Bermeo on the BI-631 road. The second Bonus Sprint (64.5 km) will be located in Meñaka, to return to the Soietxe neighbourhood and compete for the second Intermediate Sprint (68.8 km). The cyclists will face the climb of the third category mountain port of Astoreka (75.6-78.3) as planned. After that, the group will go down to Larrabetzu in order to head directly to Iurreta and fight for the victory of the first stage of the Emakumeen Bira, without going through the Arrinda neighborhood.

The second stage also suffers some minor modifications. The first passing through Villabona will go through the streets Aurrera Plaza, Legarreta Auzoa and Arroa Kalea; in the opposite direction to all the other laps of the stage. In Asteasu, the race will NOT pass through the Town Hall as planned but it will go through Ibarrazpi Pasalekua.

All these changes are already available in the 2019 Emakumeen Bira’s Technical Guide on

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