The spectacular stage of Oñati, with 156 kilometers and 2,000 meters of positive height gain, will decide the Emakumeen Bira 2019

The stage that starts and ends in Oñati will decide the winner of the Emakumeen Bira 2019. On Saturday, May 25, the professional female cyclists will have to go through 156 kilometers with 2,000 meters of positive height gain to reach the finish line in Oñati after overcoming four mountain ports; two of third category -Udana and Untzilla-, one of second category -Atagoiti- and the last of the first category -Asentzio-.

On arrival to Oñati, the cyclists will have travelled almost 500 km through Basque roads, overcoming over 5,500 meters of positive height gain. It will be a hard and tricky route, typical of the Cantabrian landscape and representative of the Basque roads. The demanding endings, with the exception of Iurreta’s fast ending, will test the top cyclists of the Women’s World Tour. The towns of Iurreta, Aduna, Ametzaga de Zuia and Oñati will be the ones to see the international female pack depart during the third week of May.

The Emakumeen Bira will open its four days with a simple route. The heights of Artebakarra and Astoreka will be the first difficulties for the runners but they will not cause too much trouble to the pack. The wall of Arrinda with the Sprint Bonus will entail the most uncertain moment of the route. The flat ending, ideal for the sprinters that manage to endure the attacks on the wall 12 kilometers previous to the finish line, will be decisive to know who will dress up in the leader’s jersey.

The leg-breaking stage of the Emakumeen Bira this year. The passings through Altzo and Alkiza will add to the previous fatigue of the final circuit by Asteasu, Zizurkil and Aduna. The circuit – narrow and really tricky in some sections – will add the extra nervousness to this second stage before the explosive final in Amasa. The cyclist with nice top speed and the capacity to endure the countless steep slopes will be one of the favorites on this day.

Day for fans and cuts. The flat profile along the narrow and uncertain roads of Araba will be a challenge if the day is windy. The 80 kilometers before the first mountain port will force the pack to keep the tension and the attention to the race before reaching demanding Opakua. Once past the port and with the survivors after crowning, the strongest will have to face the icing on the cake that is the arrival to Santa Teodosia. The complicated blind turn to the right in San Vicente de Arana just before starting the real climb, will stretch out the pack in the climb to the chapel. It will be an arrival that will challenge the resistance of the strongest with ramps at 15 and 17%.

The aforementioned last queen stage will close the Emakumeen Bira 2019. It will be the ideal final touch for climbers to try and rank at the general classification of the race. After a few kilometers of “preparation” they will face the affordable climb to Udana. After reaching Ormaiztegi, Atagoiti will be the second difficulty the pack will have to face. A long climb before going again through Udana and facing the tack of Untzilla, a short but very irregular climb that will spread the pack even more. After a dangerous descent towards Aretxabaleta, the pack will face the colossus of Asentzio before returning to Oñati to complete the 156 kilometers of the final stage.

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